21 March 2011

Blog Survey and Feedback!

I've been blogging for a good six months now - time flies, doesn't it? - and I felt it was about time I asked for your feedback. I do this in the shape of a Google form. 

You can find the form here.

It's completely anonymous, so you're completely free to be as honest as you like. I don't welcome hateful comments, but if it's how you feel then please write them. I'll be reading the survey over the coming days, and get back to you soon to talk about our feelings and sunshine and rainbow cookies. 

And with that, I leave you with this gif of adorable awesome.


  1. :P I might of filled it in already.


  2. Thanks Michelle :) You weren't first, you were actually fifth! Haha. But I'll give you cookies, nonetheless. All the Dimitri love kind of gave away which answers were yours :P It was impossible NOT to know it was you :L

  3. Love the blog, You rock!!!

    Love that picture too, it's from 'Despicable Me' isn't it? Such an awesome film. :D

  4. Thank you so much! :D

    Haha, yes!! It's from Despicable Me. I watched the movie a couple of weeks ago and thought it was amazing. So, so funny!

  5. Hehe, it is a great film. :P

    If you want to find a Glee Easter Egg, I got mine from Tesco Extra. Hope that helps and you can get your hands on one.

    Have a great week. :D


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