30 March 2011

Book of the Month: Jan - Mar '11

This is going to be a new 'feature' for my blog. I just thought it would be nice to look back every three months and choose my favourite book of the month, and to tell you guys a little bit about it. I was going to make it a monthly thing, but I decided to do it every three months so then I have a bit more time to ponder over it and I won't just pick the last book I read!

January's Book of the Month:
This is a YA debut for 2011. It's realistic fiction, and based around a girl named Cara who misses her best friend Zoe. Zoe then shows up again, and asks to stay with Cara for a while. All of a sudden, there's a murder. To make matters worse - the victim is Cara's next door neighbour. It's a really thrilling read, and definitely rather creepy! 

February's Book of the Month:
I should stop going on about this book before I frighten you all away, but I can't! I love this book - and the rest of the series - so much. Too much to stop thinking about it! This is the first book in the VA series, and it's about a girl named Rose who is training to be a Guardian. She overcomes lots of obstacles in this series, one of those being her more-than-a-crush on her mentor - the hot and sexy Dimitri Belikov *swoon*. I know this book is a vampire book, and this seems to put a lot of people off, but they're not your traditional vampires! I won't go into detail about what exactly they are, but I can tell you that the Moroi and Strigoi are much more interesting than your Bella and Edward - and even Dracula!

March's Book of the Month: 
I can't say too much about this book, as it is the second in the Hex Hall series and I don't want to spoil the first book for those who haven't read it. I will say, however, that Sophie has matured, and has also become a lot more snarky! And also more intelligent. Archer is hot, as always, and Cal is adorable. I loved this book much more than Hex Hall, and highly recommend it!
Review to come!


  1. I've read all three and needless to say, I've loved all three. Great picks!

  2. I haven't read any of these books, but it lifts my spirits way high to know they're your favourites and I've got them ALL on my shelf ready and waiting for me to pick up :D

  3. Jackie - I know you know this already but I had to say it again - we have impeccable taste ;)

    Karen - Does this post convince you to pick them up any sooner? :D Excellent choice of books to fill up your shelf space, I must say!


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