20 March 2011

In My Mailbox - (18) and Weekly Roundup

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi from The Story Siren. The idea is to share what books you received each week. Again, this week I forgot to include my e-books *headdesk* I'll remember one of these days!

Desires of the Dead by Kimberly Derting (Amazon | Goodreads)
Magic Study by Maria V Snyder (Amazon | Goodreads)
Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles (Amazon | Goodreads)
Finding Sky by Joss Stirling (Amazon | Goodreads)
The Dark Divine by Bree Despain (Amazon | Goodreads)
Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins (Amazon | Goodreads)
Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulten (Amazon | Goodreads)
Vesper by Jeff Sampson (Amazon | Goodreads)
Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell - Thank you, Bex! (Amazon | Goodreads)

Weekly Roundup
Books Read:
Divergent by Veronica Roth
Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles
Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins
Wither by Lauren Destefano

On the Blog - Reviews:

Wood Angel by Erin Bow - 4 out of 5 stars

Book Related News:
- Sony closed their casting call for Jace Wayland (The Mortal Instruments). Does this mean they have their Jace? If so - I MUST KNOW WHO IT IS!!
- Jennifer Lawrence of Winter's Bone fame has been cast as Katniss for the upcoming movie adaptation of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. A lot of people are complaining about her blonde hair and pale skin, but come on people - they can dye her hair! And it's not that hard to get a tan, especially with the movie magic they can do! As long as Miss Lawrence can act, and act extremely well, there's no reason to fret over her looks.
- The move rights for Divergent, a debut YA novel by Veronica Roth, have been sold to Summit! *CHEER* *HYPERVENTILATE* *FAINTS* Can you tell I'm excited?
- Penguin are discussing the changes to the covers of Nightshade and Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer. Let's hope they're reconsidering scrapping the stunning green cover after hearing lots of feedback from fans of the novel!
- Maria V Snyder reported that sales for Inside Out, and consequently Outside In, are low and if they stay low it is unlikely that we'll get a third book in the series. Come on, people, what are you waiting for? Go buy the books!



    Anyway, Great book haul this week. I'm super jealous of the books you got this week. Have fun reading and I want your accent.

  2. Wow great books! I'm also jealous of your books! I haven't read Desires of the Dead but heard it was great :) Happy Reading!

  3. I'm going to comment on your British accent too. I loved Snyder's Poison Study series but haven't read Inside Out. If you call it brilliant again, I'll go out and buy it! Awesome mailbox this week!

    My Mailbox has some super cool Dark Days of Supernatural stuff in it!

  4. Akasha - It didn't really come up in conversation ;) Haha. OMG You're swooning :L ! I'll glady swap accents with you?

    Vy - Thank you :D I hope DotD is as good as everyone says it is! I can't wait to read it xD

    AJ - Haha! My accent often gets a lot of attention -.- Oh, oh, oh, it's INCREDIBLE! Go and buy it :D

  5. I have both Inside Out and Outside In. I've seen it around the blogs a lot so I don't understand why it's not doing so well. That is a shame :(

    You've had some fabulous books this week Amber. Loving the stamps too lol.

  6. Wow, you got some great book this week! I'm dying to get my hands on Angelfire. I've heard nothing but good things about it. I also enjoyed reading Rules of Attraction and Nineteen Eighty-Four. I hope you enjoy them too :)

  7. They are all great books! =)
    Finding Sky is a great read, enjoy.

  8. Oh and l just went and brought 'Inside Out'! =)


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