09 March 2011

ISF: 100 Sled Dogs Shot and Killed in British Columbia

As a fan of Ian Somerhalder (LOST, Vampire Diaries) I've been following his work on the Ian Somerhalder Foundation for a few months now, since it launched. Recently, I read an article on his site which really disturbed me. 

The article told readers that a company in Whistler, Canada called Howling Dog Tours had shot and killed up to 100 sled dogs because tourism in the area can decreased after the winter. As a die hard animal lover, this really touched a nerve with me, and so I thought I'd blog about it to make you guys aware of this - if you weren't already. "They wanted to get rid of some of them, so they just shot them, killed them." Ian said.

This is the quote from Ian's website:
"A recent article by the Vancouver Sun revealed that the Howling Dog Tours manager who killed the dogs tried to contact the BC SPCA for help on two occasions.  The BC SPCA didn’t investigate the business and turned down the request to shelter the dogs, claiming the dogs were not adoptable."
I was personally disgusted that this sort of thing was allowed to happen. I am tearing up just writing about this, because it's not just tragic for those poor dogs that were shot, but it's tragic for any dogs that this could potentially happen to in the future.

The ISF is now petitioning for new legalistation to make sure that all animal shelters need to be regulated to follow a "rescue and save" plan, not a "seize and kill" plan. You can sign the petition regardless of your country, and you can choose for your details to be hidden from the public if you so wish. 

To sign the petition, either go to the Change website and find the petition on the right hand side, or use the widget below:

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  1. How awful :/
    Thanks for posting about this. I'm definitely going to sign the petition.

  2. OMG I nearly cried when I read your post. That is despicable. I'm going over to sign.

  3. That's sad and awful! Thankm you for posting this!

  4. Thanks for posting about this. I hadn't heard of it until now.
    *off to sign petition*

  5. Yeah, I was pretty horrified when they first reported this months ago in the news. The original news report included many details that I wish could be unheard... I am very disappointed with the BC SPCA and that the man responsible wasn't given a tougher sentence.


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