23 March 2011

Misha Collins: The Random Act

Hey people. I apologise for not posting yesterday as I was meant to. I'm kind of bogged down with work right now! But I'll still be blogging, so no need to fret. (I know, you were holding back tears, weren't you?)

The reason for this post today is to let you all know about Misha Collins' charity - Random Acts. If you don't know who Misha Collins is from his role on Supernatural as the angel Castiel, you may recognise him from the movie Girl, Interrupted or from the TV shows Charmed, 24 or CSI

In late 2009, Misha asked his minions aka Twitter followers to come up with some project ideas for a privately organised charity group. Through various funds and methods, Random Acts was born, and in 2010 Misha ran 52 miles (83 km) to raise almost $85,000 for Random Acts, along with three Haiti orphanages and flood relief support in Pakistan. Amazing, huh? That's not all. He's also taken part in various other random acts of kindness, which you can view on the Random Acts website.

Okay, so why am I choosing now to let you all know about Misha's amazing escapades? It's because earlier this month, Misha posted a video on Youtube to inform people that despite the story of Haiti not making headlines any more - and thus a lot of the support drying up - he hasn't forgotten. So Random Acts are going back.

They're going to build a community centre, which houses orphans and is going to serve as a school, and a self-preserved fish farm. Misha is also inviting people to join him in Haiti to help to rebuild the community. That's right, he's giving people a chance to actually go and help the people of Haiti to rebuild. For more details, please visit the page on the Random Acts website. It really is a once in a lifetime chance - for most people - to really help. 

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  1. Misha is so great *_* He is such a wonderful person and I love his funny twits :)

  2. He is! I love him. The whole cast of Supernatural are just amazing. How did they find such a talented, down-to-earth, generous group of people?
    I guess that answers your other question - I'm a *huge* Supernatural fan. *high five*
    Thanks for following! I'm following you too:) Oh, and thank you for liking my accent, haha. I personally hate it, but lots of people seem to love it for some odd reason :)


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