01 October 2010

What Made Your Day Today? #1

I've been feeling a bit down this past month or so, and today I suddenly felt a lot better than usual. I went to school, met with some friends and went to my best friend Shivi's house for dinner. I came home, had the most relaxing bath and then sat in my jammies with a mug of hot chocolate while watching The Vampire Diaries with my mother. 

Because I'm in such a bright mood, I have decided to start/take part in a thirty day meme called 'What Made Your Day Today?' The title says it all really. I'm not sure if anyone has already started a meme like this, and I promise I'm not trying to take credit for it! But I just want to take part in it because I think posting one thing that made you happy every day will be very uplifting :)

So, what made my day today? 

The fact that I feel a lot less gloomy has definitely made my day. I feel less tired, and a lot chirpier than I have been for a while. Today has been lovely and relaxing, as well as a lot of fun. So.. that's what made my day! 

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