12 October 2010

What Made Your Day Today? #11 and 12

- Yesterday I stayed at my friend's house and we had a good chat and just sat around doing nothing for ages. Which was relaxing, and fun! She has a new kitten (I'll post a picture tomorrow) and he is named Aubrey after my Grandad. He's adorable and he quite obviously loves me. I think I'm his favourite... okay maybe not. Unless, of course, biting is his way of showing affection.

- Today.. The Vampire Diaries is on! ITV2, 9pm everyone! That's half an hour. I've already seen the episode at least five times, but I'm going to watch it again anyway. I must support the show in any way I can! Random fact for you - did you know that Ian Somerhalder gets paid approx. $40,000 per episode? That's $880,000 per season! It's crazy.. I'm betting he donates a lot of that money though, I can't see him keeping it when there are animals in need! *loves*

I hope everyone had a good couple of days!

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