10 October 2010

What Made Your Day Today? #9 and 10

- Today, we went to a lovely little restaurant for dinner. I had meatballs and spaghetti (I'm still drooling, it was GOOD!) and then for dessert I had a Rocky Horror, which is ice cream, whipped cream and sauce on top of chocolate fudge brownies. *dribble dribble* No I feel like I'm about to explode, but it was soooo worth it. 

- Yesterday night I had a night in with my step sister and her friend. We watched a movie - 'Orphan', which is a thriller - and had a load of snacks and then we just had some fun mucking around and taking pictures. It was nice to spend time with Emily because she's usually out when I go to visit. 

So, all in all, it was a pretty uneventful weekend. But, it was a wonderful one! Now I'm off to continue reading "The Forest of Hands and Teeth." Although I really should be doing some coursework... -.-


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